About Lingonbird

Welcome to Lingonbird, a blog written by me – Marith. Here I’ll share my interests, my thoughts and my life. If I take pictures, I’ll show them to you. If my head is overflowing with thoughts, I’ll write them down for you to read. If I experience something I feel like sharing with the world, I’ll do so. And I hope you’ll be here to be a part of it all!

Something about me: I’m 28 years old, originally from the Netherlands but now living in Stockholm, after having lived in Berlin for two years and having worked and travelled in New Zealand for 15 months. I love to take photos, write, have fun with friends and see as many cities and countries as possible. I also love to read; books, but checking out blogs is certainly a big part of my daily life too. And it happens to be so that I have always wanted to start my own. That’s basically how Lingonbird was born.

You might wonder why I chose “Lingonbird” as the name for my blog and you’re probably one of many, since it’s not even an existing word. There’s quite a simple explanation though:

‘Lingon’ refers to the Swedish word for ‘lingonberries’. It’s not that I like lingonberries that much (I think I’ve never even eaten one in my entire life), but ‘lingon’ is one of only a few words the English language has ‘adopted’ from the Swedish language. And since Sweden and Swedish are practically two of my biggest ‘loves’, I felt I had to do something with it. Hence the first part of the blog-name. Apart from that, the word ‘lingo’ also means ‘language or speech’, and I happen to love languages and speech a lot too (surprising? Probably not). ‘Bird’ obviously refers to the most amazing animal out there. No further explanation needed.

My gear for the photos over here: Canon EOS 1200D, with a 18-55mm (0.25m/0.8ft) and a 10-18mm (0.22m/07ft) lens and my old but still pretty decently working iPhone 5S.

So, now that you know the story behind the name and how I take my photos, I guess you know all! Enjoy your time on Lingonbird :-)