And… winter has arrived

It happened people: winter has arrived! Snow has fallen and I’m living in a world filled with white powder now (no, not that kind of white powder…). It’s incredible how much more beautiful the world looks with a fresh layer of snow – and how much happier I feel because of it.

So yeah, I am totally in my element and try to enjoy this winter wonderland as much as I can. Today I had my “health hour” – that hour in which I get paid to go outside (or relax in our very own massagechair here at work, lovingly called “Massilda”) – and I of course made my way to the nearby forest again. I always go there but this was the first time I went after it had snowed so the whole place looked totally different. Or may I say: better.

In the purple gum boots of one of my colleagues I walked the same route I always walk, enjoyed some good music, took some photos and then… I saw a deer, all of a sudden. It just ran from one side of the path I was walking on to the other.

Yeah people, nature in full glory over here!

Anyway, even though it looks like the snow will be disappearing again soon (it’ll be +8 degrees tomorrow), I am glad I at least experienced a bit of it this November. And tomorrow I am off to Östersund (about a 5h train ride from Stockholm and close to ski resort Åre), where it has been snowing the past few days and will hopefully be snowing a bit more later on too. I definitely hope for as much of a winter feeling there as I am having here in Stockholm right now. And if it doesn’t snow I at least have an ice hockey match to look forward to, because I have tickets for ÖIK’s home match on Saturday :-)

So, by now you’re probably wondering how the snowy forest (and a happy me) looked? I of course took some pictures during my time there today, so have a look to get those winter feelings too, wherever you are in the world at the moment!

5 months ago

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