Berlin – back home for 6 days

From the 23rd until the 29th of August I was back in the city I called home for two years a while back: BERLIN. I have always had a love/hate relationship with the city but even though being back made me realize I don’t want to live in the German capital again, I loved seeing my friends and just being a Berliner again for a few days. I made sure to meet up with people, eat as much good food as I could and to take some photos while doing so. Today I’ll share a big portion of the phone snaps I took – my proper camera stayed at home this time.

Berlin and all the people I’ve met up with: thank you for the amazing time! I’ll be back sooner rather than later :-)

The view over the city as seen from the Oberbaumbrücke. I suppose featuring the Fernsehturm at least once in pictures of the city is a must

Pretty colourful doors in Berlin. I’m no fan of tags but in Berlin it just seems to work everywhere

Einsteigen bitte

I stayed at a friend’s house in Oranienstraße, in walking distance from U-Bahn station Kottbusser Tor. Love the cheap looking neon lights everywhere

And there we have Kottbusser Tor by day

At the Warschauer Brücke

Beautiful tiled floor and old door, somewhere in Friedrichshain

Met up with a friend I met in New Zealand and we decided to go to Tempelhof. If you ever want to walk on an air strip, this is your chance!

Aaaand Tempelhof’s famous tower

Kottbusser Tor

Street art in Friedrichshain

Views from the U1

Best cheeseburger and those cheese fries… wow. Go to Burgermeister if you have the chance is all I can say!

Sleepover in a jungle

Stalin architecture at Frankfurter Tor

My favourite cheesecake in the whooole wide world, at Five Elephant in Kreuzberg

Building. They’re building EVERYWHERE

Sushi time at Haan in Prenzlauer Berg

Also lots of Thai and Vietnamese food eaten and matching beer ordered

Went back to “my” U-Bahn station Samariterstrasse. Walked around there every single day… 

Inside the station it’s green tiles everywhere

Pretty facades in the Bänschstrasse (my former street!) in Friedrichshain

Coffee and hot chocolate break in Kreuzberg surrounded by plants

Pastel coloured houses in Kreuzberg

While in Kreuzberg you can’t miss out on Markthalle Neun, the place to eat and shop good, fresh food. I went for a pulled pork sandwich with apple and BBQ-sauce, ice cream from Rosa Canina and I also stocked up on my favourite linen bags from “The Sausage Man Never Sleeps”. Also got some free English streaky bacon to take back to Sweden with me. Always loving this place!

Very colourful flowers on a very sunny, hot day

The view over the Spree from the Oberbaumbrücke

Couldn’t leave Berlin without having eaten Dutch snacks (frikandel, kroket and potato fries with Joppie-sauce) at Rembrandt in Friedrichshain

Inside Berlin’s pretty hallways

Aaand last but not least: my friend’s cat who found a nice place to chill out

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    1. Yes he owns the house! ;-) Thanks again for letting me stay, now go make your way to Stockholm soon please! X

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