Forest time

When I first started working for my current employer here in Sweden I was surprised to hear I would get paid to go outside one hour a week. Not because they don’t want me around (or maybe so?) but because they want their employees to be healthy and go for a walk in fresh air every now and then. A great concept which I think should be introduced everywhere – not only because walking for a good hour is good for your body, but because it is a great way to clear your mind as well.

So, every week – mostly on Wednesdays – I leave my computer and work for what it is and I make my way outside to the nearby forest to breathe in some fresh forest air. Where at first I always walked quite the boring route, I one day decided to go explore a bit more and boy, am I happy I did. There’s actually a huge area filled with beautiful pine trees, ferns and other greenery and once I even spotted a deer of some kind. And that at only 5 minutes from my office!

Walking around in the forest brings me back to New Zealand a bit, the country I still miss every single day. The quietness, the beauty of nature, the lack of stress I feel when surrounded by trees… Forests are probably nothing major to most but for me, coming from the Netherlands, they just feel special. And there are heaps more forests to explore around Stockholm, which is exactly what I am planning on doing, starting this Sunday.

Curious what the forest here in Kista looks like? I make sure to take some phone snaps every time I go, so here comes a collection of some of the nicest ones!


7 months ago

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