Highs and lows wk29


+ The spelt/walnut/almond/white chocolate cake I baked;

+ Finally being able to use my Swedish bank card;

+ My teeth being all lovely and clean after my visit to the dental hygienist (that visit simultaneously being a low, seeing that the lady almost butchered her way through my mouth);

+ Already planning meetups with my Berlin-based friends. Excited as hell to go there;

+ Taxback from New Zealand. It’s good logging in to ANZ and seeing some $$ again;

+ Meeting up with a guy to speak Swedish, English and German. God, how I love languages;

+ The scent of my new washing powder;

+ Chatting with a friend from Malmö for more than two hours over the phone;

+ Discovering Photo Booth on my Macbook after having had this thing for the past 5 or so years. Yes people, it’s true, I didn’t really know it existed but now I’m hooked because it’s the ideal tool to take the featured photos for my Highs and Lows-posts! (oh and PS: I’m not wearing lipstick, my lips just happened to look like that yesterday)


– Stuffing my H&M online shopping cart with great items, only to find out I was in the German shop instead of the Swedish one. Guess what, all the items I wanted were sold out in Sweden. Good times, good times;

– Not having any energy whatsoever. I fell asleep in the train from work basically every day last week and that’s only at 5:15pm. And that sucks, I’m tellin’ ya;

– Seeing a video with amazing background music and Shazam/Soundhound not finding the bloody song;

– Missing nature thus wanting to move away from Stockholm already (I still like it here too though so I won’t be moving just yet – no worries!);

– Unknowingly walking around with a coffee or ice cream mustache. Not even sure which of the two it was that caused it. Great stuff :’)


My week in a few iPhone snaps

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