Highs and lows wk30

+ My sushi lunch in a park close to work on Wednesday. Not only was the food real good, there was also a cute squirrel running around the entire time;

+ The AW on Friday. Beers, fries, talks, pool and shuffleboard with fun people and ending it with pizza and South Park. What more could you want;

+ Catching up with a friend at Boulebar Tanto. It’s like being in France, with the jeu de boules-lanes, the little lights and the Orangina and Pastis. Not really having any “real” holidays planned unfortunately, but this’ll do this summer;

+ Having booked an appointment at the hairdressers for next Wednesday! Super excited to finally change things up a bit. Have a good look at the featured photo of this week, ’cause you won’t be seeing me with such long hair for a while;

+ Having the best time watching even more South Park on a lazy Sunday;

+ Shopping some pretty cool new clothes and most of them for a reduced price;

+ Drinking my water from a big 750ml glass bottle nowadays. Better for the environment – and it secretly is funny that I look a bit like an alcoholic at work, since the bottle has some striking similarities with your average wine bottle;

+ Melted brie. Need I say more?!


– My skin acting strange. I hope the pill kicks in for real soon so that I don’t have to worry about that anymore at all;

– Wanting sushi all the time now after having eaten it again after a long time;

– Cleaning the whole freakin’ apartment;

– Someone using a drilling machine to brighten up my Sunday evening;

– Public transport problems. I was late for work twice because the commuter train had some issues. Would be ok if this just happened very rarely but unfortunately there’s delays every single week. Get your act together SL


My week in a few iPhone snaps

8 months ago

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