Is it winter yet?

It’s slowly getting colder here in Stockholm. Temperatures drop below 0 during the night and it won’t be long until the same will happen during the day. Meanwhile the sun is out most of the times, making the air crisp and fresh. That’s how I love to see winter.

Winter has always been my favourite season. I’m looking forward to it all year round. Spring and autumn? Quite alright. Summer? Never been a fan of it: too hot, no fun. Winter though, that’s when I am in my element. I love the cold (if dressed properly, of course), I love the freshness of the air and I love ice and snow. And for that I moved to the right country. Here in Sweden they know about proper winters. Maybe not necessarily in Stockholm, but up north true winter can be found. Very low temperatures, meters of snow and avid opportunities to ski and snowboard.

And that’s exactly what I am planning on doing. I mean, can you believe I have never skied in my entire life? I have always wanted to but just never got to it. Seeing that the Netherlands are lacking anything higher than a speed bump, skiing is something you have to travel to France or Switzerland or Austria or Italy for. And that was simply too expensive and time consuming when I was young. There was money and time for one big holiday a year and that was always one in summer, which means I have always been stuck in a rainy and gray Holland during the winter months.

But this winter everything will be different. This winter I will make it my mission to travel up north for at least a few days and finally get on some skis or a snowboard for the first time in my life. And until then I’ll daydream of it, by watching these awesome videos I found. If only I could be this good one day…

The Shadow Campaign // The Warmth of Winter from DPS SKIS on Vimeo.

MOONLINE — Mathieu Bijasson from PVS COMPANY on Vimeo.

SEAN PETTIT | Full Part 2015 from Midnight Moon Media on Vimeo.

5 months ago

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