Travelling the world in one afternoon at Bergianska Trädgården

Ever seen the whole world in just one afternoon? Ha, neither have I unfortunately, but I came pretty close to it yesterday when I made my way to Bergianska Trädgården (the botanic gardens) here in Stockholm. While walking around in them you basically get a glimpse of the world, one continent at a time. Plants and flowers from Oceania, Africa, America, Asia… Cacti, palm trees, ferns, cacao plants, your average garden greenery: you name it, they have it.

Bergianska Trädgården might not be as big as the botanic gardens in Berlin where I was a few years back, but there’s still heaps to see and hours to explore if you are interested in seeing and reading about the different plants and trees out there. Or if you take your camera with you, like I did.

I took tons of pictures but decided to focus on textures and structures today. The tiny hairs and veins and waterdrops on leafs, the areoles on cacti, the woolen fluff inside a flower… When looking at these pictures I almost feel as if I can touch the screen and actually feel the plants.

Spoiler alert: I can’t, unfortunately, and neither can you. But they’re interesting to look at anyway!

Bergianska Trädgården
Gustafsborgsvägen 4
114 18 Stockholm

5 months ago


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